Monday, May 3, 2010

David Freese: A True Hometown Hero

Good evening.

It's only fitting to make this post as the Cardinals face off against another NL powerhouse, the Philadelphia Phillies. Two Lafayette High (Wildwood, MO) graduates will clash with this four game series.

David Freese, a Lafayette grad of the class of 2001, has been fortunate enough to play at the major league level in his hometown.

Ryan Howard, a 1998 grad, is a known Cardinal-killer. Howard is hitting an incredible .389 with 14 home runs and 42 RBI in 30 games against the Redbirds.

Both, regardless of who they play for, are products of such a great school in Lafayette. Many Lafayette students look up to these players. One story, though, is touching enough it's worth mentioning.

Last Thursday, David Freese had a career day, going 3-for-3 with 6 RBI. The importance of Freese's hit parade was not merely a win for the Cardinals, but rather, a more personal memory for Freese himself.

Thursday happened to be Lafayette's Senior Day at the ballpark. Sure, it was great to a former Lancer perform so well in front of current LHS attendees, but Freese outdid himself.

D-Freese has recently started to display his power capability, especially to the opposite field. In the bottom of the first, Freese went deep to the right field bleachers. Ironically, in those bleachers were those very seniors, supporting a very special athlete who once walked the halls of the same school.

Call me a coward, call me a baby. But to see this young man have such a great game on such a special day for him and his former school, I became very emotional. This man paid his dues: in high school, college, and the minor leagues.

Thursday, April 28th, was David Freese's day. A day in which a school saw a former graduate pay them back the only way he know how to: playing ball.